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Legends of Norrath: Debt of the Ratonga is now available! The fifteenth regular release for Legends of Norrath introduces a brand new, single set storyline. The Roekillik have a plan to destroy Qeynos and kill Antonia Bayle. Can the Queen and two loyal Ratonga stop them?

There are more than 110 new gameplay cards available in Debt of the Ratonga that add new strategies and more options to your games. Look for the return of the Oathbound keyword "Frenzy" and more cool, new gameplay! Debt of the Ratonga also features fantastical new art like you've never seen before!! Exciting new loot grants new mounts, ornaments, illusions, paintings and housing items for EverQuest and EverQuest II!

Legends of Norrath: Debt of the Ratonga booster packs retail for $2.99 via the LON Store and for 300 from the EQ and EQII Marketplaces.

New loot for EQ and EQII.
Incredible new art from leading artists!
New gameplay and mechanics!