Legends of Norrath: DRAKKINSHARD is now available! The sixteenth regular release for Legends of Norrath introduces a brand new, single set storyline. You have allied yourself with a surly group of characters seeking a mysterious treasure. But what are your intentions and what are theirs? And can you resist the corruption of the shards?

There are more than 120 new and re-introduced cards available in DRAKKINSHARD featuring new game play and strategies. Crossfire is a cool new keyword that allows your cards more options than ever before! DRAKKINSHARD also contains great new loot pieces like a mounted dragon head and Luclin's Throne for EverQuest and a Fearful Retreat prestige home and new volumes of the Legends Paintings Volumes for EverQuest II! Click the loot link for the complete list!

Legends of Norrath: DRAKKINSHARD booster packs retail for $2.99 via the LON Store and for 300 from the EQ and EQII Marketplaces.

New MMO loot!
New gameplay and returning cards
Fantastic new artwork!